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Operating on Behalf of Sixteen Mid Canterbury Schools

Mid Canterbury School Transport Service: Coordinating Daily School Bus Operations for Enrolled Students

Administrator Manages Daily Operations on Behalf of Schools, with Management Group Setting Procedures, Fees, and Ensuring Fairness

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Our Vision & Mission

About Mid Canterbury School Transport Service

Our Mission and Operations

Established with a focused vision, the Mid Canterbury School Transport Service (MCSTS) is dedicated to streamlining and overseeing the daily school bus operations. Our primary mission is the efficient coordination of the administration of daily school bus services, ensuring a smooth and reliable transport experience for all enrolled students attending schools within Mid Canterbury.

Our dedicated administrator is at the forefront of our operations, meticulously managing the day-to-day activities. This includes comprehensive route planning and catering to the individual needs of our students, ensuring a seamless service every day.

Management and Commitment

The backbone of MCSTS is our Management Group, comprised of directors from the schools we serve. This team is instrumental in formulating operational procedures, establishing fair fee structures, and constantly monitoring our systems. Their proactive approach ensures that our services stay current and equitable, adapting to the changing needs of our community.

At MCSTS, we are committed to providing a transportation service that is not only safe and reliable but also efficient and trustworthy. We strive every school day to earn the trust of parents and to be a dependable part of our students’ educational journey.

Information and Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
The MCSTS is an organization formed by sixteen Mid Canterbury-based schools to coordinate and manage daily school bus services in the Mid Canterbury area.
The MCSTS is overseen by a Management Group comprising representatives from the involved schools. Day-to-day operations are handled by an administrator.

If this is the first time you are enrolling your child, please click here to register.

No, current enrollees do not need to re-enroll each year but must notify MCSTS of their intention to continue using the service.
Operating Procedures and Eligibility

Eligible: there are no bus fees.

Ineligible: The fee is $320 per year, divided into $80 per term. For Ashburton Intermediate School (AIS) Tinwald Express, the fee is $400 per year, or $100 per term.

On your email confirmation it will show if fees are owing.

Yes, due to fluctuating costs like fuel, fees may rise during the school year, affecting only the unpaid portion of the fees.

To make a direct payment to the Mid Canterbury School Transport Service (MCSTS), please use the following bank details:

  • Account Name: MCSTS
  • Bank: BNZ Bank
  • Account Number: 020836-0074077-001

Ensure that all payments are clearly identified with the relevant information (such as the student's name or ID) to ensure proper allocation of your payment.

Each school in Mid Canterbury has a Transport Eligibility Zone (TEZ) set by the Ministry of Education. The TEZ is typically the midpoint between schools on a county map. School buses must adhere to these TEZ guidelines and require permission to transport a student from another school's TEZ.

Eligibility varies: To be eligible for transport students must live, in Year 9 and above more than 4.8km, and students Year 1-8 more than 3.2km from their nearest school.
Students can attend schools further away providing all criteria is met.

Yes, under certain conditions and with proper permissions, students can attend schools outside their TEZ.

Special Circumstances and Allowances
They retain fully subsidized transport to their nearest suitable special character school, subject to certain conditions.
The allowance is for eligible students living more than 2.4 km from the nearest bus pick-up point. Eligibility is based on actual school days attended, as verified by the school principal.
Special needs students can apply for a pro-rata transport assistance allowance through School Support Ltd.
Bus Usage and Rules
Caregivers are responsible for getting their children to school, which may involve getting the children to and from their nearest bus pick-up and drop-off location. Please either stay with your children while they are waiting for their school transport in the morning or keep in contact with them to make sure that they are picked up safely. It is recommended students and caregivers be at the bus pick-up/drop-off locations five to 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

Unregistered students will be refused entry by the driver until they are officially enrolled with MCSTS.

The behavior rules for students on MCSTS buses are:

  1. Obey the driver's instructions without question
  2. Remain seated for the entire journey
  3. Vaping/smoking/alcohol or any illegal substance is prohibited
  4. Respect property of the bus operator and other students at all times (this includes vandalism, pushing/verbal and physical bullying)
  5. Avoid any behavior that could put the driver or other students at risk
  6. Any damage caused to the bus will result in the students parent/caregiver being billed for the cost of repairs

Non-compliance can lead to temporary or permanent loss of bus privileges. MCSTS does not provide alternative transport for students with withdrawn privileges.

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